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​​Surviving within the Earth system means following Earth's ecosystem rules by developing a deep and wide enough life model based on empathy. This would mean shifting from our current governance model limited to one human life into a model based on decentering decisions above and beyond our lifetime on the planet.

Collective Decentration consists of deciding as if unborn generations would approve a decision I wish to make today. A decision which can solely be approved if aimed at preserving the biosphere of future generations.

Such new governance system is based on much wider spatial relationships (views from elders and unborn generations are taken into account thanks to a deep empathy-based process) and on much longer time scale (every decisions are aiming at preserving life and ecosystems over centuries).

In these long-term processes, greed no longer exists because decisions made will only have an impact beyond the life of the person who took it. Ensuring greed disappears from Human systems will increase our chances to drastically reduce the occurrence of a rebound in our consumption patterns.

This requires a drastic mindset shift in our governance system.