Deepening social inequities as we experience them today have been identified by US Nasa's funded HANDY Modelling system as a threat to Human civilisation. Building our next economic model without social equity in its core operating system is a missed opportunity to Humanity.

Redesigning a new framework for all of us to thrive is possible.

We have started applying the "Circular Thinking" in the environmental-economic nexus by identifying waste and pollution as the root causes of our wrongly designed economy.

If we also apply the "Circular Thinking" to the social dimension by identifying inequalities and poverty as the root causes of our wrongly designed economy, we would succeed in redesigning a world with thriving communities respecting all other species and planetary boundaries.


On top, if we shift our mindsets deep enough, we could design greed out at the same time by deciding as if unborn generations would agree on our acts.

A Human-embedded perma-circular model of life designing all negative externalities out by addressing species needs thanks to system circularity would fast-track the attainment of - not a few but -, all 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

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